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Fans of Hamster/Mayster/Clarkie/Stiggy
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Appreciation of all forms of Top Gear's totty
Before we begin the show, a message from our sponsors:

PLEASE NOTE: This community is approved membership only and does not allow anonymous posting. This doesn't mean we don't welcome new members - far from it! We welcome new members quite frequently, we just like to know a little bit about them first. The only people who will be rejected out of hand are people whose journals are both new and empty, because they look like accounts created specifically for trolling. If your account is both new and empty, please contact one of the mods before applying for membership to explain how you found us and why you want to join. Everyone is welcome, so long as they stick to the rules :D

Speaking of which:



Much like Top Gear, this is a dictatorship, not a democracy, and if you don't like it you have every right to find somewhere else to play. Just think of us mods as the Jeremy Clarksons of the community, while the rest of you are Hamsters.


When TGT was created way back in the halcyon summer of 2005, it was with a particular idea of what we wanted it to be. Fun, yes and funny. We like wordplay, and a little bit of silliness here and there, maybe a few double entrendres. A good idea is to take your cues from what goes on on Top Gear itself: their idea of mockery is also our idea of mockery. We mock everyone including the presenters and each other; if you don't feel you can cope with another joke about Hamster's height or Jeremy taking another pie in the face, then this probably isn't the place for you.


We don't mind a little bit of squee here and there, but then again we don't really like pointless posts - you know, the kind that says things like, "I have a friend of a friend who looks a bit like Hamster!!" or "I had a dream about James last night. He let me play on his scalextric. Then I went home." Inane questions like, "I was just wondering how tall Hamster is?" are also rather irritating (the words 'just fucking google it!' spring to mind). This is moving rapidly into Yawnsville and we don't like boring. Anyone can do boring. Interesting, thoughtful, entertaining, witty, clever, creative questions/comments/icons/photo manips etc. are more than acceptable.


Mild suggestive/insinuated slash is acceptable; fan fiction isn't. Simply because there are other places for that, and not everyone likes slash. Subtlety is the key, less is more, etc.


We'd rather you didn't really, and offending items will be removed. If you particularly want to promote a community or something similar, please check with one of the mods first.


Not acceptable in any form; this includes e-mailing BBC Top Gear excessively and similar. It's not big, it's not clever; quite frankly, it's scary and obsessive and we suggest you seek help if this is what you like to do on a regular basis. We also do not take kindly to intrusion into the presenters' personal lives: it just ain't cricket. We are here to celebrate the show Top Gear and what the presenters get up to on it or in other media they may appear in - i.e. the public face, not the private. We have no interest in what Richard has for breakfast in the morning or how often Jezza feeds his donkeys. Please respect their right to privacy: put yourself in their shoes and imagine how you would want to be treated.


This means Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. We mods all feel quite strongly about this and are doing our best to maintain high standards of English in today's society; therefore, please respect this. We're not saying you have to be perfect, but merely that you try to maintain a reasonable standard, so that people can understand you and don't start bashing their head against a wall. You know that stuff you learnt in school? Use it! Text speak is only okay if you are using it jokingly/ironically.


Don't steal, obviously. This includes text/pictures etc. If you use something which was created and posted by someone on this community, please credit them - it is polite. And also remember that things published on the internet do come under copyright law.


In other words creating more than one LJ identity and posting with them. We don't really like this, because it is confusing, irritating and insulting to our intelligence. It's quite easy to work out when people are doing it. Please don't. No one wants to see you having a conversation with yourself.


We tend to prefer to stay out of trouble, so this community does not allow uploads of episodes of Top Gear or other related media. It's illegal and naughty and frankly there are enough other sources of uploads if you're that desperate to get your sticky paws on the show. Thank you for helping us not violate LJ's TOS!

Please, check out The Survival Guide for more handy hints about posting at TGT.

And on tonight's show...

We have the Clarkson, an old favourite with plenty of drive and grip on the corners.

The sporty new Hammond, certain to find its way into trouble.

The stately May, with more foppish charm than ever before.

And the ride of death - the Stig!

Join us, if you think you're up to it, on Top Gear Totty.

For making icons, wallpapers and assorted Top Gear graphics, have a look at The Official TGT Screencap & Image Archive for resources and eye candy. And post the goodies in the community when you've made them!

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(Thanks to brakehorsepower aka strangefrontier for our groovy mood theme!)

Further Reading

If you have a fondness for the small but perfectly formed Richard Hammond - hell, don't we all?! (well, except SB, anyway) - then amble over to TGT's first affiliate, hammond_fans, and nibble on some tasty picspam.

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