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The Fellowship of the NurburgRing

or Manlove Is Beautiful

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Behind-the-scenes at the first of the new series (SPOILERS)
Doctor Who - Twelve (3)
shishmish wrote in topgeartotty

I think the most shocking bit of news in this is that James May's legendary cat Fusker has passed away *wibble*
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Ahahaa, Jeremy's reaction was priceless!

"I genuinely did not know it had died."
"You do now."
"It died, Fusker died!"
"It was hit by a car."
"...What sort of car?"


This was a truly awesome bit of Clarkson...

Still, poor Fusker!

Aww, poor Fusker. And can I once again say how utterly thrilled I am that Richard Hammond has had a haircut? Because I really, really am.

Now, I wonder who the new Stig is.

oh god.

that's horrible. :( Poor Fusker.

Oh, poor Fusker. :(

Thank the motor gods for Hammond's haircut, though.

Ugh, poor Fusker. D: If it had died of old age or sth. it would've still be sad but something you'd expect but killed by a car? :( Poor James.

On a side note: sweet jesus did Richard look hot in that jacket. XDD

Could tell, he was in Clarkson's shadow most of the time.

FUUUSKER!! Aw man that really sucks. *hugs James*

Most appropriate Iocn, probably isn't quite.

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