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The Fellowship of the NurburgRing

or Manlove Is Beautiful

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BBC vs HarperCollins...
Doctor Who - Twelve (3)
shishmish wrote in topgeartotty
I've just seen the Latest News on the BBC website and the BBC have lost their battle for an injuction to block the publication of a book which will reveal the identity of The Stig.

Thoughts, reactions, opinions?

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I'm frustrated that something that was an "open secret" is now being revealed. Yes, we all knew, but it was more fun to play along.

It's a sad, sad situation...

Though, I do like James' response:

"Obviously I'm now going to have to take some legal action of my own, because I have been the Stig for the past seven years, and I don't know who this bloke is, who's mincing around in the High Court pretending it's him

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I am not too shocked or surprised by this, tbh.


Really, he couldn't just have waited until the show's over? It's not like that's going to be more than a few years anyway. And it's not like everybody who's into Top Gear knows everything about every racing driver everywhere; I'd never heard of this bloke before entering the TG fandom, so I can't imagine that every one of the +300 million viewers the show has worldwide "knew" who the bloke under the helmet was.

Space goo. He will always be sentient space goo to me!

I agree with aiela it was much more fun to play along, I wonder if we are going to get a brand new Stig? I'd like them to get him from an action figure box like the one of James of his Toy story program :)

The Mirror states that there already is a new Stig:

Mirror Stig article

Also, I didn't know who Ben Collins was. (And I'm British.)

I'm gonna see BC racing the weekend after next. Can I throw something at him for being a miserable spoil sport?

(Just kidding... I'm gonna be FAR to pre-occupied with other drivers to stalk ol' stiggy.)

I admit I was always curious about who he was, but the mystery was the fun part and coming out as some random driver I've never heard of makes me meh!

Time for a new colour Stig, methinks.

I say green Stig, simply so we can have this:

Jeremy: After many complaints about the lack of consideration for climate change and the environment we have decided to go green...

...then the camera pans round to a brand new Stig in a green suit.

But Green Stig was killed by the Hammerhead Eagle iThrust! Unless he's recovered, at an all-organic self sustaining farm somewhere...

Ah yes! That was Janet Stig Porter!

I agree but for different reasons.

British Racing Green Stig.


(Deleted comment)
I've lost a lot of respect for Ben Collins, but other than that, life will go on as normal with the new Stig...

I've lost a lot of respect for HarperCollins, too, seeing as they're trying to cash in on TopGear and at the very least, encouraged Ben Collins to reveal his identity.

But TopGear will go forward, as they seem to have already done, and Ben Collins will be labeled as a money-or-glory-hungry spoilsport. The new question becomes: Black Stig (who also got the axe over writing a biography) got sent over an aircraft carrier - how will White Stig get his?

White Stig, we hardly knew ye. And then we learned too much about you.

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