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The Fellowship of the NurburgRing

or Manlove Is Beautiful

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James May gets a Doctorate!
Doctor Who - Twelve (3)
shishmish wrote in topgeartotty
Just seen this article on the BBC - Top Gear presenter James May awarded honorary doctorate.

"Top Gear co-presenter James May has been awarded an honorary degree by Lancaster University.

The award-winning journalist was a student on the campus in the 1980s when he studied music.

Known as Captain Slow for his cautious driving style on the BBC Two show, he has become an honorary doctor of letters."

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I graduated at the same time! He did a wonderful (very funny) speech, in which he claimed bragging rights over Hammond and Clarkson, and we also met him later! He came down to our post-graduation celebrations and hung around for a good few hours, being generally lovely and spending time with everybody. Best graduation ever!


Words cannot describe the jealousy! So glad to hear you had a great time and I'd have been squeeling from start to finish!

Mmmm. Dead sexy, those robes. :-)

I dunno, I looked at it and went 'my god, the Burnely football strip has gone upmarket these days.'

Probably not the reaction they were going for, I hope.

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