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The Fellowship of the NurburgRing

or Manlove Is Beautiful

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The Shiny Official TGT Screencap & Image Archive
holly : ilex aquifolium
strangefrontier wrote in topgeartotty
I was just thinking that what Top Gear fandom needs more of, apart from perhaps nakedness and turbochargers, is icons. And maybe wallpapers. To make these we need images, so I propose that we make this The Shiny Official TGT Screencap & Image Archive. Comment with links to galleries, webpages, screencaps, photos, scans, picspams, posts sharing whatever image-based TG goodies, etc., and I'll edit this post and add them to the master list of resources. I'll stick this post in the memories and link it on the profile page so it can be easily found.

Image resources
TG @ the BBC
TopGear.com galleries
elfinessy's screencaps and photos
strangefrontier's Revved Up DVD screencaps

Icons, wallpapers, etc.
xhan104's icons
The Maytrix
strangefrontier's icons: 1 2
tick_'s icons

Go forth and make pretties!

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I think alfinessy should be elfinessy?

Whoops, typo fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out! :)

I was actually really meaning for this to be a list of image resources to use for making icons, but I'll add a separate section for finished icons and whatnot.

lol I should probaby start reading things!

I read tg resources!

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