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Top Gear - later start!
Doctor Who - Twelve (3)
Just a forwarning that Top Gear starts at 9:30pm on Sunday 1st August (the last episode of Series 15) due to Golf on BBC2.

This week's Stars in a Reasonably Priced Car...
Doctor Who - Twelve (3)
Not sure how many have seen this, but it's been confirmed that Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise will be the Stars in a Reasonbly Prices Car, as they in the UK promoting their new movie.

I don't know about you, but...oh my god. It could go well or it could be an utter disaster given Tom Cruise's history of interviews in recent years and well, you know, that Scientology thing he's got going. I wonder how much Clarkson will be biting his tongue thoughout that entire interview.

Meeting James May
{the hour} the boy who knew too much
Hello all!

Hope you all enjoyed tonight's episode - I certainly did, definitely the funniest one in a while!

The reason for this post was prompted by shishmish posting about James' honorary degree. I can't believe I didn't think to post it here, but I graduated alongside him!

James was at Lancaster University (in Pendle college, the most superior of all the colleges </obvious college bias>) in 1982, studying music. This year, he was given an honorary Doctorate Of Letters (I've linked to the wiki article because I had no idea what it was!), and so he came to graduation.

He was presented with his degree, and did a wonderful speech - really witty and very, very touching. He was so overwhelmed to have recieved it. He made a delightful quip about how 'having the degree would make him the most intelligent of the Top Gear presenters, which is basically like saying you have the best room in Bowland college' - I appreciate this reference will be lost on non-Lancastrians, but it was marvellous to share a wee in joke like that!

Then, after doing all his important stuff with the important people, he came down to our celebrations at Pendle bar and spent three hours there! It was impossibly lovely of him, considering how busy he must have been, and how many autographs he was asked to sign. But he was gracious and funny and chatted to absolutely everybody - including me! :DDD He told us that we could take over his TG job in three years, as they'd all be too old by then! Seriously, so lovely.

And a picture!

Under here!Collapse )

Hope this is okay to post here - just wanted to share :)

James May gets a Doctorate!
Doctor Who - Twelve (3)
Just seen this article on the BBC - Top Gear presenter James May awarded honorary doctorate.

"Top Gear co-presenter James May has been awarded an honorary degree by Lancaster University.

The award-winning journalist was a student on the campus in the 1980s when he studied music.

Known as Captain Slow for his cautious driving style on the BBC Two show, he has become an honorary doctor of letters."

James May will be appearing in...
The new series of BBC 2 gameshow Shooting Stars.

Me=ecstatic Vic and Bob fan (at last an interesting guest!). :)

Those who've not seen the show before -or even heard of it- might be in for a bit of a surprise.

Why Top Gear gets us girls all revved up - Daily Mail article 7/7/10
Horrible Histories - RAF Larry as Squiff
From the Daily Fail:-

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X-Men: Charles/Erik
Can someone please make a gif (icon or just a gif) of James' dance from yesterday's ep!

Gran Turismo 5
james may ~ i am superswish
You all would have heard that Dunsfold Park is one of the tracks that is slated to be available in racing simulator Gran Turismo 5 for the PS3. Well, after the latest E3 Expo, Polyphony Digital have finally released an updated video featuring the track and who else - THE STIG IN HIS FULL GLORY!

It's about 0:59 in and the shots look like they've been lifted from the show itself! And you have some Sebastian Vettel thrown in for good measure. I am so buying the collector's edition even though that's going to make me poor ;O;

So I went on the Internet...
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